JADA Oy Ltd is a Helsinki-based multidisciplinary design practice that focuses on future of architecture and design, from large scale planning to art installations, from conceptual thinking and research to hands-on tasks.

The company has established by architects Erica Österlund and Jussi Vuori. Before starting with JADA, they have worked for OMA and ALA, both highly-considered international companies. Main projects they have been involved during the years are De Rotterdam tower, RAK Gateway City masterplan, Largo Isarco art museum for Prada Foundation and the winning proposals for Helsinki Central Library and Helsinki Airport new main entrance building.

In collaboration with eight other emerging architectural offices in Finland, JADA organizes novel architectural workshops called Uusi Kaupunki [Nordic Works]. The Finnish national broadcasting company YLE brought the clinique approach into national spotlight. JADA also takes strongly part on architectural discussion by writing and lecturing.

To collaborate, please contact.

JADA Oy, Pälkäneentie 13, FIN-00510 Helsinki, office(a)jada.fi

Jussi Vuori, CEO
Architect MSC SAFA ARK 1613

Erica Österlund
Architect MSC SAFA



Malmi Kasbah, Helsinki. A future vision for Malmi neighbourhood. Local services and culture will be enriched with a local economy and social innovations. Due the climate targets and rich local identity most of built structure will be re-used and transformed. Client: City of Helsinki, 2019

Malminkartano 2035, Helsinki. Once an architectural pearl, Malminkartano neighbourhood has seen its best days and need a boost for next decades. A collection of smart new connections and building around the train tunnel station multiplies its commercial and social potential and creates a landmark to enter the capital. Client: City of Helsinki, 2019

Tripla, Central Pasila core, Helsinki. A winning proposal for a hybrid building complex was made in collaboration with Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA). Client: YIT, 2013-

Nauvo Esplanade A city plan to split a local road to an esplanade. This activate holiday spot gets more public space along the shoreline and new strategic building to faciliate new services and new types of housing. Client: City of Parainen, 2017

Pargas limestone mine, future vision for a mine that reaches its end in first purpose as material source. Client: City of Parainen, 2015

Future of suburbs A conceptual study to elaborate future models of housing in 2100. New kinds of services and approach to work and communication requires both flexible and remarkable city structure. Client: City of Helsinki, 2016

The Future Congress Centre, Helsinki. An algorithmic structure for a hotel and congress facilities. The work was awarded by the Finnish Steel Construction Accossiation.

Manhattan modular tower, Helsinki. A winning entry for an idea competition for a new landmark in eastern docklands.